Dreaming Classic | Definition of regular trial
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Definition of regular trial

Definition of regular trial

We are specialised in the technical design of regular time trials for:

  • Vintage cars.
  • Modern cars.
  • “ECO” cars.


Our service covers every type and level of competition:

  • Major international events.
  • Races with a high level of difficulty and technical content aimed at the most important Championships.
  • Tourist meeting with trials.
  • Amateur races.
  • Training sessions for clubs.

The design of the competition takes into account the following aspects, with the utmost care::

  • Target of the participants.
  • Level of the event.
  • Available budget.
  • Timekeeper requirements.
  • Role and coordination of the commissioners responsible for monitoring the progress of the competition.

The competitive component can provide for all types of regular trials::

  • Single-time, concatenated, interpenetrated timed time trials.
  • Average time timed tests.
  • Trials of skills of other kinds.