Dreaming Classic | About us
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About us

Dreaming Classic

About us

Dreaming Classic is a streamlined and flexible business, operating on the international scene, that offers support to organisers of historic car, modern sports car and “ECO” car events. It is only by being assiduous “participants” that we are able to fully understand the needs and expectations of those who participate in an event and therefore know how to advise the organisers in the best way.
Our fundamental principles and essential features are:

  • Knowledge gained in the field.
  • Sensitivity in understanding needs.
  • Firmness in respecting the rules.
  • Meticulous precision in processing.
  • Strong ability to overview.
  • Common sense and organisational skills.

Why choose Dreaming Classic

  • Only those who have first “been participants and attentive observers” can fully understand the needs and expectations of those who participate in an event and turn this information into valuable “tips” to be communicated to the Organisers.
  • Continuous comprehensive participation enhances our experience and provides us with a unique global view, which often escapes the individual Organiser who is too busy in the organisation of their own event.
  • Our Customers are the Organisers; for us they are first of all Partners: together we build their success, which becomes our success.
  • We provide them with Advice, Experience and the Tools needed to boost their event, reduce organisational effort and free up time to devote to their specific skills and objectives.
  • Quality, precision and attention to every detail are our usual work standards.